Summer holidays are the perfect time to relax, recharge, and dive into some uplifting content. Whether you’re lounging by the beach or enjoying a quiet evening at home, we have gathered some top-notch reading and listening recommendations to keep you informed and inspired.


1. Tune into the Broadband Bunch Podcast

Kick off your summer with a deep dive into the world of broadband technology. In this episode of the Broadband Bunch, Pete Pizzutillo interviews Kajsa Arvidsson, CMO of Genexis, at the FTTH Conference 2024 in Berlin, Germany.

Their conversation explores the evolving landscape of broadband technology and its impact on user experiences. Kajsa emphasizes the importance of open standards and collaboration in driving innovation within the industry. She also highlights emerging trends such as XGS-PON deployment in Europe and discusses potential opportunities in the US market. This insightful episode underscores the ongoing efforts to simplify broadband infrastructure and enhance consumer connectivity worldwide.

Listen to the podcast via Spotify or Soundcloud!


2. Watch the Women in Fiber Video Campaign

Empower yourself and be inspired by the incredible women leading the charge in the fiber industry. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the FTTH Council has launched a groundbreaking video campaign featuring voices like Aicha Mekki, Marketing Manager at Genexis. She passionately says: “You find your ways and you can challenge the status quo, and come up with new ideas, see things from other angles. So, I think this is the place to be!”Women in fiber video campaign

This campaign celebrates the achievements, skills, and contributions of women in fiber, promoting gender equality and inspiring the next generation of female professionals. Watch all the videos in the campaign.


3. Explore the Latest Market Panorama by the FTTH Council

FTTH market panorama per countryStay updated with the latest trends and statistics in fiber optics. According to the latest Market Panorama report, the total number of homes passed with FTTH/B in the EU39 area reached 244 million homes in September 2023, up from 221 million in September 2022. The FTTH/B coverage rate in EU39 countries now stands at 69.9%, an increase of 6.5% compared to the previous year.

This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the growth and expansion of fiber networks across Europe, highlighting the progress and challenges in achieving widespread connectivity. You can download it here!


4. Read the Investor Sentiment Survey by the FTTH Council

Investor survey FTTH councilGain a deeper understanding of the investment landscape in the fiber optic sector with the FTTH Council’s Investor Sentiment Survey. This study analyzes the perspectives of over 100 prominent stakeholders from the investor, vendor, and operator communities. The findings reveal expectations of moderate investment growth over the next three years, offering a nuanced view of the market’s future.

For anyone interested in the financial dynamics of the fiber optic industry, this survey provides a critical look at the factors driving investment decisions and market trends. Download the survey here!


5. Discover the Broadband Forum’s Blog on USP

Expand your knowledge on the User Services Platform (USP) by diving into the Broadband Forum’s blog post, “What is USP, How Does It Work, and What Value Does It Deliver to the Broadband Industry?” The USP is a standardized data model, architecture, and protocol for managing, monitoring, upgrading, and controlling connected devices in the smart home.

Internet service providers (ISPs), device vendors, and application vendors have a key opportunity to reduce customer churn and bring USP-based solutions and value-added services to the market faster and more cost-effectively. By combining the best of open standards with the latest software developments, ISPs have the tools to deliver a future-proofed connected home experience. This blog post is a must-read for those looking to understand the critical role of USP in shaping the future of smart home connectivity. Read the blog here!


6. Read JAC’s Climate Change Report or listen to their webinar

The Joint Alliance for CSR (JAC) has issued a call to action on supply chain emissions. Their latest report, prepared by epi consulting, shows 93% of JAC members committed to net-zero or science-based targets. The report highlights the importance of Scope 3 emissions and offers 10 best practices for decarbonizing the global telecoms supply chain.


Download the report: Achieving Net Zero in the Telecoms Industry: Tackling Supply Chain Emissions. Or watch their webinar here!

At Genexis, we believe that staying informed and inspired is key to driving innovation and progress. We hope these summer reading and listening tips will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the holiday season. Enjoy your summer!

Author: Aicha Mekki