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15th Dezember, 2016
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Eindhoven, December 15, 2016 – By connecting 80.000 homes with 1 Gig fiber services, Gagnaveita Reykjavikur helps Iceland reach the status of number one country in the world when it comes to percentage of homes directly connected to fiber (75%). This milestone is achieved in cooperation with home gateway vendor Genexis. The partners announced today to extend their partnership in enabling 1 Gig fiber services in Iceland.

The network of Gagnaveita Reykjavikur is rapidly increasing its footprint. Adding to its leading position in the domestic segment, Gagnaveita Reykjavikur is expanding further into the corporate sector in order to connect more businesses, government buildings and organizations to fiber. This makes Iceland a great place to launch IoT, Smart Cities and Smart Communities.

Erling Gudmundsson CEO of Gagnaveita Reykjavikur:
“We are proud of what we have established in the FTTH market and to see that our investments in strengthening the position of Iceland regarding fiber broadband pay off. Our partnership with Genexis has been influential to this achievement, specifically their personal approach and focus on a long term relationship.“

“As a pioneer in fiber roll-out in Europe, Genexis is pleased to have partnered up with Gagnaveita, who have transformed the digital communications infrastructure of Iceland by providing a true open access fiber network to its citizens. It has opened up great opportunities for 1 Gig fiber services – both in domestic and business segment – and is therefore a solid partnership for Genexis to keep investing in”, says Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO of Genexis.

Gagnaveita Reykjavikur has been promoting high-speed Internet connectivity through fiber networks in Iceland’s capital for over 10 years. This is done by building and running one of the world’s most advanced and unique open access fibre networks using Genexis home gateway equipment.

Facts on Fiber roll-out in Iceland;

  • Already 100% FTTH connections in the City of Reykjavik
  • 100% FTTH connectivity to surrounding towns by 2018
  • Seven service providers active on Gagnaveita’s network
  • Upgradable to 10 gigabit if required
  • Single mode fibre Point to Point architecture
  • Multiple service providers use the network, offering ordinary average home owners 1000 Mb/s symmetric services


About Gagnaveita Reykjavikur
Gagnaveita Reykjavikur builds and runs one of the worlds most advanced and unique True Open Access Fibre Networks. The network is already offering 100% Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connectivity in the City of Reykjavik and will connect every urban home in neighboring towns by 2018. The network is rapidly increasing its footprint, in order to connect more businesses, government buildings and other organisations