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26 December 2023 | Blogs

4 reading tips for more insights on how we all can contribute to a more sustainable industry

Sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. Our industry plays a crucial role in minimizing the use of natural resources and cutting down on emissions. In our blogs on sustainability this year, we have covered topics like corporate sustainability, clean energy, sustainable transportation, circular economy practices, and the social and environmental aspects of our operations and products. Explore our most-read blogs of 2023 on sustainability:

impact on the climate - sustainabilityHaving a meaningful impact on our climate

The urgency to become more sustainable and limit global warming is growing daily. Our industry can contribute because a well-established fiber infrastructure can reduce the need for the usage of natural resources (e.g., reducing the need for traveling and commuting). This directly helps in lowering the global environmental footprint. Genexis strongly believes that to make a meaningful impact, setting science-based targets aligned with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C, is the way to go. Read more here

Sustainability blog series: Leaping towards a sustainable future

Sustainable future visionAs the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, it has become increasingly important to leverage innovation and technology to enhance sustainability. The EU has taken a significant step in this direction with its ambitious European Green Deal, aiming to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The EU Green New Deal is a comprehensive and transformative plan designed to guide Europe’s transition to a sustainable and resilient economy. By promoting clean energy, sustainable transport, energy efficiency, and circular economy practices, the Green New Deal is driving innovation and technology adoption across various sectors. Read more here

Sustainability effortsUnveiling the Journey to a Greener Tomorrow: Understanding and Reducing Emissions

At Genexis, our commitment to sustainability is a promise we extend to our valued customers, our employees, and industry partners. To make a meaningful impact, we believe it’s essential to provide you with the knowledge to join us in this journey. As a start, we want to help you understand what defines Scope 1,2 and 3 Emissions and how we can reduce them together. Read more here


Unleashing the Potential of a Motivating Workplace

Motivating workplace - GenexisAs we write about sustainability, let’s not forget about the people driving these efforts. With better care for our employees, a diverse team, and a motivating workplace, we can have more impact as a business. To ensure the business has a positive impact on climate change, we certainly also need to unleash the potential of a motivating workplace and care about our employees. What motivates an employee? How can we contribute as an organization, and optimize the work environment for our employees and thrive across our communities? Read more here


Author: Marika Henriksson