04 November 2019 |

Genexis is celebrating Gimme Fibre Day 2019

It’s Gimme Fibre Day! Annually on November 4 we join the FTTH Council in celebrating Fiber to the home as the future-proof broadband access solution on the birthday of the creator of fiber networks.

We at Genexis are commited to providing future-proof connectivity to everyone. Find out how easy FTTH installation is with our FiberTwist product series. To learn more visit our FiberTwist page here: https://genexis.eu/product/fibertwist/

Based on the birthday of Sir Charles Kuen Kao, “Father of Fibre Optics” and Nobel Prize winner for revolutionary achievements in the transmission of light in optical fiber communication, this day has been chosen to honour the positive impact of fiber on communities and individuals all over the world.

Seeking more information? Visit the Gimme Fibre Day website at http://www.gimmefibre.eu.