20 September 2023 | News

Genexis launches a new generation Residential Gateway - combining speed with elegance and sustainability: the Aura E650

Launching today at Connected Britain in London: Genexis’ new 2.5GE AX3600 residential gateway – The Aura E650. Powerful, Elegant, and Accessible.

The Aura E650 is a powerful 2.5GE Wi-Fi 6 gateway that allows all connected devices in a home to run at their designated speeds without interruption, providing great end-user experience.

Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO Genexis Group:
“Our customers and the end users tell us there is a need in the market for high-capacity residential gateways, capable of speeds above 1GE and with a clear sustainability promise. Aura E650 with its AX3600 Wi-Fi, 2.5GE WAN and LAN ports, built of 90% recycled plastic, EU-CoC-BBE compliant, and easy to install and upgrade, is a full match with this need.

Read the full press release here: Press release Aura E650