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13 November 2023 | News

Telecompaper picks up how smooth PON migration and upgrades can be managed thanks to TrueTalk

“Genexis launches OLT sensing product TrueTalk

24 October 2023

Dutch fibre-to-the-home equipment supplier Genexis has officially launched autosensing firmware that enables its branded household optical network terminals (ONTs) to search for the service provider’s optical line terminals (OLTs) independently. Dubbed TrueTalk, the software is aimed at fibre operators that circulate multiple OLT sub-types in last-mile networks. It is hoped that TrueTalk will become a universal OLT detection tool, allowing Genexis ONTs to send data via OLT fleets that may contain several brands and line cards.

Initially, TrueTalk will come installed on all Genexis PON devices, including its DIY, wall-mounted fibre access point FiberTwist. Genexis is promising that TrueTalk-enabled ONTs will be vendor-agnostic, enabling visibility of OLTs from various other brands, and will also remain functional after fibre network upgrades.”

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