TrueTalk at NetworkX
09 November 2023 | Blogs

TrueTalk redefines PON interoperability at Network X

Network X Paris is one of the major telecom industry events capturing the latest insights and growth strategies. One of the themes focused on Fiber-to-the-Home, including PON upgrades. Reinier Kramer reflects on managing the challenges of PON evolution and ensuring interoperability.

Managing PON upgrades

According to Omdia, next-gen-capable PON equipment revenue is forecast to represent 87% of total PON port equipment revenue by 2027. Network operators should consider the costs and implications of an upgraded PON strategy based on the predicted significant investment in PON. One of the critical challenges is PON interoperability (interop). Genexis addressed this concern at Network X with its innovative autosensing software, TrueTalkTM, embedded in Genexis PON products, including the widely deployed FiberTwist product series.

Many operators are taking incremental steps to prepare for network changes and upgrades and TrueTalkTM ensures that the ONT automatically detects the OLT vendor and its line card and adapts to the applied protocol. This ensures successful OLT-ONT interop on any PON network. (See our previous article about TrueTalk benefits)

TrueTalk is particularly relevant for operators who want to benefit from more OLT vendor choices or plan changes to the central network. The autosensing software mitigates the risks associated with technology migration and empowers operators to embrace new technologies confidently.

TrueTalkTM embedded in FiberTwist ONT

FiberTwist P2420On the hardware side, TrueTalk is embedded in Genexis PON products, including FiberTwist, the agnostic ONT. FiberTwists’ unique patented system and design streamline the mechanical aspects of product installation. Because it is easy and fast to install and connect different types of units to the same Fiber Termination Units, operators and installers can optimize time and resources. At NetworkX, visitors at the Genexis booth could experience the “twist” mechanism of FiberTwist. Some were able to install FiberTwist with impressive speeds of a few seconds, demonstrating how easy it is to install.

More than autosensing software, it’s a promise of proven interop

Besides TrueTalk’s core feature to automatically recognize the OLT, which enables OLT-ONT interop, Genexis is committed to delivering interop to their customers. Because Genexis works with open standards, a departure from proprietary protocols, to offer optimal flexibility. With Genexis’ tech team and extensive experience, they ensure interop works with the OLT and the specific network of the customers.


Genexis is a leading expert in PON interop and has PON network deployment experience since 2013. With in-house PON labs and interop teams, Genexis experts offer BBF.247 compliance and end-to-end testing capabilities via enhanced equipment. Based on OLT agnostic capabilities via TrueTalk, XGS-PON ONTs supplied by Genexis are the second most sold and installed in Europe. TrueTalkTM is already deployed in over 100 networks with over ten major OLT vendors active in Europe and North America.

Overall, the combination of TrueTalk’s autosensing software, FiberTwist and Genexis’s expertise in PON interop resolves complex network issues operators face and contributes to a new perspective in managing network interoperability.

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Author: Mr. Reinier Kramer