CloudSight ACS

Open and vendor neutral provisioning, with all devices and services managed in a single tool.

CloudSight ACS offers the tools to increase quality and stability of all devices. It allows operators and CSP’s to manage the lifecycle of Genexis and other TR-069 & TR-369 (USP) based devices in a unified and flexible way. Also, the more complex service provisioning scenarios can effortlessly be executed with predefined scripts. CloudSight is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) through the cloud or as an on-premises solution.

For operators or ISPs who also seek real-time monitoring, we have CloudSight Helpdesk

No upfront investment

No upfront investment!

CloudSight is a scalable and secure cloud-based solution, offered on a subscription base. No upfront investments nor complex and costly software integrations are needed. The attractively priced recurring license fee is to be paid per active connected device.

So, no wasted costs for inactive stock. There is even a try and buy possibility offering you a free trial to test CloudSight.

Open and vendor independent device management

Vendor-independent management of TR-069 & TR-369 capable devices to support multi-vendor device strategies. CloudSight ACS can be operated on premise, in the cloud or as a component connected to your OSS/BSS environment. It allows you to manage the lifecycle of all kinds of devices.

Having a unified and standardized way to manage your entire device park offers great efficiency and flexibility.

Increase quality and stability of all devices

Updating devices to the latest firmware is essential in keeping your devices healthy, stable, and secure. CloudSight ACS automates this process of scheduling, monitoring, and running firmware upgrade campaigns across all your devices.

You have full control over the status, phasing, and pace of the upgrades and can be sure that your device park is always in the best possible shape.


Easy onboarding of new CPE

CloudSight ACS offers a unified interface for the onboarding of all device types. The system administrator can easily onboard new devices and models without the need to have technical knowledge or professional services.

Features list

Easy provisioning
  • Organize software and devices
  • Software architectures
  • Firmwares and packages
  • Create device groups
  • Define services
  • Access to the service per customer user group
  • Service network performance requirements
  • Reports of installed services
  • Upload predefined scripts and provision data
Managing of accounts
  • Import accounts
  • Push accounts to devices
  • View registered (trusted) and unregistered devices
  • Helpdesk user management & access levels
  • Export collected user data
Install & provision embedded software
  • Schedule upgrades and package installations per group
  • Schedule service installations and provisioning
  • Check upgrade and installation process
  • North Bound Interface and 3rd party integration via REST-API
  • Supporting TR-069, TR-369 and XMPP protocols
Advanced security controls
  • Role based access control
  • Automated IP-based blacklisting
  • Encrypted communication
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Try CloudSight ACS for free before you buy

We encourage you to experience the value of CloudSight, because ‘seeing is believing’. Setting up a free trial allows you to provision, manage and support your devices, services and in-home networks, without any costs or obligations.

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