CloudSight Helpdesk

Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting

CloudSight Helpdesk focusses on managing and optimizing service and device performance for the end-user. It allows operators to monitor, pro-actively control and optimize CPEs from a single interface. Customer operations is furnished with incident analytics and troubleshooting tools to instantly remedy a customer problem.

For operators and ISPs who only seek an open TR-069 & TR-369 (USP) provisioning system, we offer CloudSight ACS.


No upfront investment

No upfront investment!

CloudSight is a scalable and secure cloud-based solution, offered on a subscription base. No upfront investments nor complex and costly software integrations are needed. The attractively priced recurring license fee is to be paid per active connected device.

So, no wasted costs for inactive stock. There is even a try and buy possibility offering you a free trial to test CloudSight.

Device monitoring and troubleshooting

CloudSight Helpdesk allows to quick-search a specific customer and detect any abnormalities or issues. By analyzing performance influencing aspects of the in-home network and WiFi configuration, better decisions on solving the problem can be made.

CloudSight Helpdesk utilizes targeted recommendations and actions to immediately solve the issue.

Proactive problem identification

By providing a system level performance view on your network, you can be assured that your device park is monitored 24/7. If a performance indicator deviates from an expected value, an alarm is being triggered, alerting you that something is off.

This continuous inspection allows you to pro-actively solve the issue, even before the customer notices it.

Easy to work with

CloudSight Helpdesk has a user centered designed interface. This results in an easy to work with and intuitive interface to operate various functions. From proactive problem resolution to trouble shooting, no education or technical knowledge is needed to operate CloudSight.

Northbound Integration of CloudSight in your OSS/BSS environment can easily be done using API’s.

Features list

Smart in-home management
  • Health status of the device park and the individual devices
  • WiFi performance monitoring
  • Pro-active identification of weak spots and high risk devices
  • Resolution recommendations
  • One-Touch resolution
  • Search functions to easily find homes and devices
  • Data collection of the device park
    • Device GUI-cut-through
    • Historic data for performance analyses
    • Speed test & iperf link quality test
    • System monitor
    • Remote shell
    • Details of connected devices
    • Service provisioning per box
Quality of Experience management
  • WiFi coverage management
  • Interference and congestion monitoring
  • Data collection of the device park
    • Syslog data
    • System statistics
    • Script based data collection
    • Kibana and Elasticsearch data exploration  tools
  • Alarm and report management
    • Create watchers rules to monitor home device network health
    • Create automated actions based on the discovered issues (e.g., reboot)
    • Create reports based on the available dashboards
Advanced security controls
  • Role based access control
  • Automated IP-based blacklisting
  • Encrypted communication
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Try CloudSight Helpdesk for free before you buy

We encourage you to experience the value of CloudSight, because ‘seeing is believing’. Setting up a free trial allows you to provision, manage and support your devices, services and in-home networks, without any costs or obligations.

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