FiberTwist P3000-Series

Setting the standard for fiber termination

Fibertwist twisted

Looking for a unique fiber connectivity solution that can be connected by the end-user, eliminates installer costs, and is compact enough (110 x 110 x 46 mm) to be located anywhere in the home? Our FiberTwist product range could be the only connectivity solution you need.

One-Twist DIY installation

A true Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation has been claimed many times before in the industry. This is of course not without a reason: decreasing operational expenses by saving on a costly installer is of great interest to network operators.

FiberTwist introduces an installation mechanism never seen before in FTTH products. With one clever twist, any end-user can install an active module on the FTU. No hassle, no hiccups and a 100% accurate installation, just with a single twist.

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Our FiberTwist meets the EU requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)