Tilgin IHD103

The Tilgin IHD103 is a Wi-Fi Mesh Extender that together with a Wi-Fi Mesh Gateway provides a seamless Wi-Fi with full coverage, speed and stability in any home regardless of size and shape.

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The solution is based on the leading Qualcomm SON architecture and offers seamless handover between the nodes in the home for connected clients together with features such as band steering, optimal channel selection, load balancing, client steering and much more.

The solution is build around the WiFi5 (802.11ac) standard supporting MU-MIMO. The solution has an advanced tri-band radio solution, with a dedicated 4×4 radio for the backhaul network together with two 2×2 radios for clients to connect. The backhaul network can be built using wired Ethernet connection or using Wi-Fi.

The solution is based on a pre-standard version of the Easy Mesh work ongoing within Wi-Fi alliance. Compliance will be available via software updates as the standardization work proceeds.

  • Mesh Wi-Fi Extender
  • WiFi 5/802.11ac
  • Gigabit LAN/WAN
  • Triband radio with total Wi-Fi link speed of 3000 Mbps
  • Architecture based on Qualcomm SON
  • Backhaul radio through Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet
  • Full support for band steering, optimal channel selection, load balancing and client steering
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