Genexis EG200 residential gateway

EG200 is a powerful residential gateway with Ethernet WAN with dual concurrent WiFi. EG200 has iopsys inside. iopsys is a modern modular operating system that supports all features required by high-end business critical gateway software. iopsys is built on OpenWRT and combines the best from the open source community with Genexis’s 17 year experience of operator business.


  • Excellent WiFi performance with 802.11ac; better throughput and coverage
  • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) for Easy Setup
  • Touch panel with proximity function
  • Optional 802.11ac 5GHz WiFi access with internal 3×3 antennas

Genexis CloudSight management system

The Cloudsight device management platform takes advantage of all iopsys functionality to provide the best solution available to manage Genexis equipment.

Not only does it provide upgrade and provisioning capabilities, it also brings in depth insights in the end user home network for data analytics and real-time support.


Advanced software platform: iopsysWRT

With iopsysWRT, the service provider benefits from a proven software platform and is able to add modules based on openWRT standards independently at the same time. The EG400 can be connected to cloud solutions such as CloudSight, making the life of the ISPs helpdesk easier, while supporting WiFi analytics and self-help via a mobile APP as well.


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